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No abandoned!

 So I miss updating this blog!  Here is a little taste of my summer!
I am back at SpringHill!  I work with the counselor-in-training program called TST Next.  Here is a picture of two of my passions combined: improv comedy and high schoolers!  My first Next team loved learning improv, so we did it at open mic night!

The called themselves the "Stage Crew Improv Team."  Here they are doing their thing!  I am so proud!  Later in the week we went to Ludington Beach!  

West Michigan is so  beautiful!  No, we did not request a LUV TUB!

Also, for those who have followed my blog since my Thailand trip, I am going to be seeing An and Philipp in Texas in August!!

Thats it for now!



As you may be able to tell, I have just about abandoned this blog in favor of my new one :D

If you would like to check out my birthday festivities, check out this link!


Out on a Walk


Check out my new blog!

Be Mine?

The teaching program at CMU has an online checklist that you can refer to each time you jump through one of the many hoops they require of you.   Today, I signed on to this beautiful message...

Given the weight this lifts off of my shoulders, I could fly. 

Dieting Dialectic

 So, I just got done some information on Sara Rue, whom I chose for my Facebook doppleganger.  I stumbled across the fact that she has just begun to be Jenny Craig's new spokeswoman.  First of all, if you chose to do a search on Sara you'll see that she had lost some weight a few years ago and has gained it back.  In my personal opinion, she looked way better before she decided to fit in with Hollywood's blonde stereotype.  I watched her videos on Jenny Craig's website, and she looked beautiful (what can I say, I identify with her.)  She talked about how she wants to roll out of bed and be able to put on any of her clothing and not have to worry about it not fitting.  I feel ya girl.  But what I don't like (and this isn't just Sara) is that there has become a dialectic in our culture when it comes to weight. How many times have we heard these phrases:

"I just want to be comfortable in my own skin"
"I want to look in the mirror and like what I see"
"I've struggled for so long with me weight" (keyword is STRRRUUUGGGLEEEDDD)
"I want (insert husband, wife or child) to be proud of me"
"I want to be able to (insert active extreme sportsy activity here)"

We're  trained by our society on how to react to weight gain or weight loss.  Our lives have become walking, talking diet commercials.   Now, I think that is is great when people want to make positive health changes in their life, I like to think that I make good choices with exercise and what I eat.  But, there is a  "healthy changes" wall that people hide behind hides far too much self deprecation in my opinion.  

In one of her videos on Jenny Craig, Sara tells her audience that she saw a correlation with the women that she played.  Most of them were very self conscious about their weight and had pasts that involved being bullied.  Now, I can totally relate to this type of character, and I WAS that woman for many years (and her head rears from time to time.)  There is a stereotype that all curvy women are unhappy with their bodies and if they are not, they are in deep denial about their self image.  I will go further and say that society EXPECTS women to be unhappy if they don't fit into the social norm for beauty when it comes to weight.

 Thats why I think we hear the same diet commercial reproduced over and over again.
Thats why, when in a restaurant, it isn't odd to hear "Oh I am being so bad" 

I think that diets are dumb.  One year, a few years ago, I gave up dieting for an entire year (this came as an answer to a prayer asking God what I should set as my New Years Resolution.)  Now, you'd think that this would be an excuse to go on a free-for-all eating spree, but that isn't how my body reacted.  When I finally relaxed and didn't count every morsel that went into my mouth, I actually lost 20 pounds over the course of the year.  It wasn't until (sneakily) I started reigning in again that I began to put weight back on.  I do this all of the time, even though I am not on a "diet," I will still stress myself out by keeping a mental tally of what I eat or what the scale said that morning. I think that, for a lot of women, we always have the dieting mentality, whether we're dieting or not.  I think that this dieting stress, especially for me, is actually keeping me heavier than being beneficial.

 I noticed this stress after saying that I was going on a diet about two weeks ago, and noticed that there was little change in my mentality from when I was "not dieting."  I was just as obsessed with what I ate before as when I was watching what I ate.  And I ended up swinging from a good day to a bad day, and would eat even more if I screwed up ("I BLEW IT, MUST EAT MORE NOM NOM NOM, I will start again tomorrow!")

Sara Rue before her dieting and after, and Sara before her Jenny Craig stint this year.  
(Google Image Search)

So, in short, I think that our society sets us up for low body self esteem, and banks on it.  And most of us are perpetrators, whether we think we are or not.  

A New Semester!

 So I am finally settling into the new semester, and I thought it would be a good time for me to update!

Here's a little blast from the past: Christmas Eve at Uncle Donn and Aunt Carols house!

On to this semester!  I went with my roomies Lynn and Gina to the His House Winter Formal!  Here I am pictured in my Freshman (HIGHSCHOOL!) year homecomming dress!  

Goofing around at Walmart with my girls after the dance!

And ::drumroll:: I GOT A JOB!  I am now a barista at Java City!  This is my first non-Summer job; I'm excited!  I spend enough of my life at coffee shop that I might as well learn what goes on behind the scenes.  



 So I have been toying with the idea of changing the format of my blog from a journal to something more proactive.  I have been really into natural/healthy eating over break, and I've gotten a lot of inspiration from these blogs... www.katheats.com  eatliverun.com/  www.eatingbirdfood.com/

I've been doing the natural thing for a while, and if you've lived with me you know that half of what I have in my shelf is brought from home from Trader Joes, ha ha.  

I just think that the current shift in eating good, natural food is so interesting.  I was raised like this and it is nice to see society catching up.  Even though I come from an overweight family, my mom banned hydrogenated oils (trans fats) and aspartame from the house.    Now that these things are starting to come into the national spotlight, its so much easier to find products and resources to eat as such.  

Now, along the same lines, my mom watches a lot of televangelism.  Now, I don't like 99% of televangelists but I've noticed a trend with what they are showing on their programming.  Even the televangelists are toting new series about eating healthy and God's plan for the body.  Its like a whole new field of ministry is opening up that has never been needed before.  Seriously, think about preaching about eating healthy, natural foods 150 years ago.  People would look at you like you were crazy, because foods came from farms and not factories (or at least, very little was processed as much as it is today.)  Its a whole new problem that has materialized over the last 50 years or so.  So instead of trusting God for enough good, people are trusting God to not eat TOO MUCH food.  Its a very interesting cultural shift.  More than ever, people are seeing the need to see their body as a temple because we've lost touch with it.  Instead of walking the span of our farm or chopping wood (insert antiquated physical activities here,) we need to hit up the gym 3x a week to get our activity.  Instead of eating what your local community produced, you have thousands of options at the grocery store.  Now, I am not going to go on a tirade about how we have to "get back to nature" and all move to communes.  I am just pointing out that this is how we live now.  And there is now a ministry need to this part of our culture.  

There is also needs for people to write about how they live.  There is a new generation of role models that are needed, and many are turning to blogs to find one or be one. 


My Schedule!!

 Bring on the REL classes!!

Glo’s Class Schedule Spring 2010

10am-10:50am-New Testament (REL 260)
2:00-3:15pm- Religious Traditions of India (REL 222)
3:30-4:45- Religion and Psychology (REL 304)
6:50-7:45- Religion Research Seminar (REL 505)

2:00-3:15- Introduction to Debate (COM 267)

10am-10:50am-New Testament (REL 260)
2:00-3:15pm- Religious Traditions of India (REL 222)
3:30-4:45- Religion and Psychology (REL 304)
6:50-7:45- Religion Research Seminar (REL 505)

2:00-3:15- Introduction to Debate (COM 267)

10am-10:50am-New Testament (REL 260)

Any comments?

An Appetite for Novelty

Not much of an update because LJ isn't wanting to upload all but one of my pictures.  But, for your viewing pleasure, a golden shot I took of my family while we were Christmas tree chopping!  They look like a boy band! 

So  there you have it.  So I have been home for a little over a week and I started to get "bored" a few days ago.  There is something about me that doesn't like to sit still.  Its not that I don't like to relax, but I like to feel "effective."  You know that feeling, where  you feel like your worth is measured by what you're "getting done?"  And its not just "getting something done," but the magnitude of what you're getting done.  So far, I've filled my time with finishing the Chronicles of Narnia (I finished "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" the other day and have moved on to "The Silver Chair.")  I've also been cooking.  Corn bread, nachos, loaded oatmeal, pasta, sweet potato fries, its been fun to get back into the kitchen and cook for my than myself.  I really enjoy cooking, and moreover I love healthy cooking.  I just love cutting up veggies and making fruit salads and working with natural ingredients.   I've also been obsessed over some natural cooking blogs (check out www.katheats.com.)    But, back to the topic at hand.  I prayed about my feelings about "sitting still" last night, and I think the answer came in the form of this article from Relevant Magazine... www.relevantmagazine.com/god/deeper-walk/features/19437-no-place-like-home

Here is a wonderful quote:  "The greater failure belongs to the one always in search of something new, committed to little more than an appetite for novelty."

I am not going to lie that my uneasiness about being home isn't connected to a larger discontent with having my "life" be lived at home.  For some reason, I've acquired an aversion to "settling down" over my college years.  I think that this has a lot to do with the Christian culture that I've found myself in.  Christian youth culture is all about social justice and missions and "going where God calls you" theses days.  But my new question to myself is "Do you actually hear God calling you in this direction?"  Its the cool thing to want to go to Africa (insert other foreign countries her) and the like, but are we all really called in this direction, or have we built a "culture" for ourselves that says that this is where our worth lies?  Today I sang for my home Church, His Church Anglican in Livonia (hischurchanglican.org/) and I got a wonderful word of encouragement from one of the congregation about how God was using me on stage.  How can I deny that there is work to be done here at home?  Even in the suburbs of the "whitest city in America," people need to feel connected to God and I had the opportunity to do it today through leading worship.  There is this stigma placed on the suburbs, that it is a place of stagnation and wealth.  Thats exactly why we need a strong church body here.  I work every summer with middle class, mainly suburbian kids, and you cannot tell me that they are not a HUGE missions field. 

So, in short, I am going to work on being happy right where God has be for a while and pray about where he would have me.  And if the answer is here, or settled down, or off in a foreign country or an unknown city, I know that my heart will be in the position to say "Yes, Lord."